Terça-feira, 01 de Fevereiro de 2011


Mini rocket stove whit ore without chimney

Material you need

indication of where to cut to get a nice circle

cut botem out for wood fill space

that is how it fits in to the midle thincan

vieuw from the top 

holes for the air instead of a chimney

fil the gap between the thincan's whit stones and

make it stay whit clay

to keep the thee or your tent warm you can put in a cande

behind they air plate

burn whit litle would sticks above air plate to cook


for chimney start whit a higher thin can

make whole in the back in the top

and cut them so they form a J when you put them together

Make fire and cook ,bon appetit .

I made a mini rocked stove it is fun to do

and you can be used it for heating up food 

and/or litle spaces as a tent.

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