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Basket weaving workshops  29 Febr. 2020

We have a big willow basket workshop on Zaturday 29 February from 10 to 17 h.
The workshops are in my home in Covas near Tubua district coimbra. https://goo.gl/maps/Kd1mn

Bring your sharp pruning scissors

And some vegetarian food to share 


price: donation base.

I exept estrelas or €

The workshops are in my home in Covas  near Tubua district coimbra.


I  have the opportunity to get a lot of willow.
For who does not have willow please come on the day at 9.15 am , to prepare the willow for your basket.
For those who have there own willow look at my blog how to prepare it in the right way.

We will learn to make a basket .In a day.

Also posible to have a evening workshop

From 7 pm until 10 pm or 11 pm

Than we can make a little baskets in about 3 hours.
The technique is the same as for a big basket.


week-ends or week days. I can organice an other one if you'd like. 
You have to bring your own willow, see picture. If you do not have it let me know...

Bring your sharp pruning scissors
bring vegetarian things to share. 



We had some lovely workshops over the years

Please prepare it like in the picture above !

the golden yellow willow is the best

The other ,green and red can also be used as differend effects.

Willow has to be cut in winter

the tree had to be pruned  last year !

And you cut one year growth for the weaving,

With fresh willow it is easier to work. 

it must be possible to bent it without breaking


This time we will make the round earth basket .

we could make different baskets, 


price: donation base.

I exept estrelas or €

bring food to share. 




proud us



 willow helmet ?



giant basket for my mums birthday

 big or small it is the same technique


 We can make the small sumer baskets

If you do not have your own willow let me know


In the summer we can make some litle baskets I have the willow for it.

nice souvenier 


Willow fencing

For more info contact me...

Leen 960 177 636 or 238 601 326

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